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The Committee and members of the Bell Race Club are delighted at having secured a grant to further enhance their facilities.

QGC Pty Ltd has provided $29,467 from the QGC Sustainable Communities Fund to install roller doors on the covered spectator area at the Bell Recreation Reserve. 

The grant will allow the Bell Race Club to enclose the covered spectator area and greatly improve the facility for year-round activities by providing protection from the elements.  

Spokesman for the Bell Race Club, Wayne McGuire, said he welcomed the QGC funding that would allow the club to add the roller doors.  

“It was a project which had been discussed by the club for many years without the financial means to achieve it. All patrons will now be able to enjoy a much more comfortable time at the many events hosted at the grounds by the various associations and private groups,’’ Mr McGuire said. 

Don McNamara, president of the Bell Show Society who is one of the other associations sharing the facilities said, “This grant will provide a much needed addition to the covered area and we welcome the support QGC are providing through the Race Club. The doors will be most welcome especially with protection through the winter months from the prevailing easterly winds,” Don said. 

QGC Vice President Sustainability Brett Smith said the QGC Sustainable Communities fund was established to benefit communities within QGC’s area of operation in Western Downs, Gladstone, North Burnett and Banana Shire Local Government Areas.